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The Japan Local Government Center (JLGC) is planning a series of webinars for local governments (prefectures and municipalities) in Japan with JET alumni as speakers. The objectives are as follows:

- To provide useful information for Japanese local government officials who are working on exchanges with the United States.

- To inform them about the activities of JET participants, as they are an important bridge (Kakehashi) between the U.S. and Japan.

In August, the JLGC held their first webinar with Mr. Ryan, President of the U.S.-Japan Washington Association, as their speaker. This page is in Japanese, but the main part of the webinar is spoken with consecutive interpretation.

Also this month, they held their second webinar with Ms. Lillian Hanako Rowlatt, co-founder of Kokoro Care Packages.

They will be doing more of these webinars in the future. Since it is aimed at Japanese local government officials, interpreters will be needed.

【Other Information】

・Interpreters need to be able to interpret both from English to Japanese and from English to Japanese. (Interpretation for speaker (English) + Q&A (Japanese and English))

・It will be done using Zoom.

Honorarium will be paid.

・It is preferable for JET alumni, but if there are JET Friends who can interpret for us, we would like to be introduced.

・The date and time will be adjusted accordingly. The event will be held according to Japan time, so it will probably be around 7:30pm to 9:00pm (EST).

・The webinar will last about an hour and a half.

If you think you are able to assist with interpreting, please contact JETAA Chicago at info@jetaachicago.com by January 14, 2022!

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The Japan Information Center at the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago is hiring three (3) part-time JET Program Interview Assistants for the upcoming JET Program interviews.

1.) One assistant will work from mid-February through mid-March. Please note the working period may change based on the timing of the interviews. The primary responsibility of this position is to assist with JET Interviews (tentatively, February 8 - 12), but other responsibilities pertaining to the JET Program and JIC activities will also be assigned. The pay is $17 an hour. The work schedule is somewhat flexible; however, during the JET Interview Week, you must work full days. This position will be primarily in-person at the Japan Information Center, however some remote work days may occur, as well. Applicants must live in the Chicagoland area and be able to commute to the Consulate in downtown Chicago.

2.) The other two (2) assistants will work in early February during the JET Interview Week (tentatively, February 8 -12), as well as joining occasional preparatory meetings prior to the Interview week. Please note the working period may change based on the timing of the interviews. The primary responsibility of these positions is to help us manage the online JET Program Interview site (likely Zoom) during interviews. The pay is $17 an hour. During the JET Interview Week, you must work full days. These positions will be entirely remote. Applicants for these positions are *not* required to live in the Chicagoland area.

Applicants for all positions must be alumni of the JET Program and have excellent organization and communication skills. Applicants must have their own home computer to use for work purposes, and must also be able to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Drive. Due to the remote nature of the work and JET Interviews, applicants should be tech-savvy.

If interested, please send your resume to jet@cg.mofa.go.jp by Thursday, December 9. Please indicate which position(s) you wish to be considered for (ie: #1, #2, or both). We will hold interviews via Zoom for selected applicants the week of December 13.

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The holiday season is here! JETAA Chicago invites our JET alumni community to join our next Open Board Meeting on Monday, December 6th, 6:30-7:30 pm CST, to discuss the upcoming events, community collaborations, and more!

And as is tradition, our December meeting will end early so that at 7:30 pm sharp, we can enjoy our annual (still virtual) BOWLnenkai Game Night! So grab a drink and get ready for a night of casual conversation, games and trivia, as we try and end 2021 on a high note!

Alumni can sign up for the meeting, just the BOWLnenkai, or both!

BOWLnenkai Theme: Factions - Rep your favorite team/group/nation from comics, movies, sports and more!

Sign up here!

*This event is for JET alumni only.

Questions? Contact us at info@jetaachicago.com

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