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The Wisconsin Bonenkai will be Saturday, December 2, 2023 in Madison, WI! Join us at Sunny Pho for dinner at 5pm, then karaoke and other fun stuff at 6pm, also at Sunny Pho. We have rented a karaoke room from 6-9pm, and will have some Japan and Wisconsin themed trivia. If you have an ugly sweater, feel free to wear it! There will be a prize for the best ugly sweater and a couple small gifts that you can win in a raffle.

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023

Time: Dinner at 5:00pm, Karaoke at 6:00pm

Place: Sunny Pho (602 S Park St, Madison, WI 53715)

Cost: a portion of your individual dinner, plus $10 for karaoke

Sign up here!

Questions? email Adrianna at

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This job opportunity was originally shared through JETwitjobs.

Job Position: 当館勤務の現地採用職員

Organization: Consulate General of Japan in Chicago

Salary/Hourly Rate: 経験等により決定します。なお、総領事館は連邦税等の税額を給与から天引きい たしませんので、本人による申告が必要となります。

Where: Chicago, IL

Visa Sponsorship: No







Apply at: ご関心のある方は、11月13日(月)までに履歴書(日本語で作成し、電話 番号又は電子メール等連絡先を必ず記載してください)を下記の宛先まで、郵送又は admin737@cg.mofa.go.jpのメールにてお送りください。

Download PDF • 64KB

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The following job opportunity was shared with us by an alumni:

Anyone looking or know someone looking for a decent private ALT position? The JVTA is a reputable company seeking an ALT for the 2024 school year. I worked with them for several years as they setup their state side school and have only had positive interactions with them. If you're interested please read the info below and contact them via email.


We are currently looking for Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) candidates who can work at schools in Japan from April 2024.

An ALT is a foreign national serving as an assistant teacher in classrooms in Japan, particularly for English. The term was created by the Japanese Ministry of Education at the time the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) was introduced.


- Must have interest in Japan and teaching English to Japanese students.

- Applicants must have at least a bachelor's degree, in any subject, by the time of visa application. This is a minimum requirement for visa sponsorship.

- Must be a native or near-native speaker of English. If an applicant is a non-US citizen or from a country that does not use English as a first language, and/or their native language is not English, they must have at least 12 years proof of being educated fully in English.

- Teaching credential, experience, or a certificate in teaching English such as TEFL or TESOL is preferred.

- Conversational Japanese language ability is desired.

- Must own a computer (a smartphone or tablet is not sufficient) and have basic Microsoft Office and Google application skills (Docs, Forms, etc.)

- Must be financially stable. A successful applicant is expected to be in possession of 350,000 yen or more to cover the initial cost of apartment renting and daily expenses until the first payday arrives at the end of the following month once employment starts.

- Successful applicants will be mature adults, as an ALT will be required to deal with students from elementary school to high school as well as teachers, parents, and authorities such as the boards of education.

- Must have the ability to adapt to living and working conditions in Japan and obey all Japanese laws and regulations.

About the Job

- An ALT will work at elementary, junior high, and/or high schools in Japan. Many boards of education assign one ALT to more than one school and often at different levels, e.g., at an elementary school and a junior high school.

- Duties

An ALT’s main duty is to assist Japanese teachers to teach English to students. Duties as an ALT vary depending on the school and the board of education but typically include the following: assisting Japanese teachers in classrooms; interacting with students in classrooms; assisting Japanese teachers to create lesson plans, class materials, and tests, as well as grading tests; assisting in various activities and events including extracurricular/club activities, foreign language speech contests, etc. Sometimes schools or boards of education may ask ALTs for assistance in tasks such as translation, proofreading, editing, or participating in local events/activities.

- Location:

All across the Kyushu region and Yamaguchi Prefecture

- Contract Duration: April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025 (Renewable on a yearly basis)

Contact: Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA) For more information on details and application procedures, please contact us via email at

About us: Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA), is a translation school/translation company in Torrance, CA. We are approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and are authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enroll international students. We have headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, where our Tokyo office also manages a translation school/translation company. They work with various universities in the world to provide translation classes. They also have various clients including schools, ALT companies, etc.

Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (Los Angeles) 3510 Torrance Blvd., Suite 219, Torrance, CA 90503

Phone: 310-316-3121

E-mail: [Tokyo Head Office]

Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (Tokyo) 2F/3F Kyodo Bldg., 3-2-4 NihombashiHongoku-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0021 Japan

Phone: +81-3-3517-5002

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