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JETAA Chicago is pleased to announce the Japanese Language Series. These events are intended to bring together JETAA members and supporters who want to stay engaged with Japanese language learning and use.

We’ll be kicking off this series with a few classic Japanese language games: Shiritori and Kanji Jukugo Puzzles!

Never played before? Never fear!

Shiritori asks players to provide a word beginning with that same sound the previous word ends with. For example, にほんながり. If you’re a veteran JET, you may even have used this game in your English classes. If not, now’s the time to learn!

Jukugo is like a crossword puzzle, but with kanji. Each puzzle gives you 4 kanji, and you need to pick one more kanji that creates a different word with each of the others.

Unsure of your proficiency level? That’s okay! All levels of experience with Japanese are welcome! This is your opportunity to have some fun with Japanese.

Game Night Agenda:

6:45 Room opens

7:00 Introductions, Opening remarks

7:15 Shiritori

7:35 Jukugo

7:55 Q&A, Closing remarks

RSVP Here!

* This event is for JET alumni and Friends of JET (FOJ)

Questions? Contact us at info@jetaachicago.com

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On April 1, JETAA Chicago's next chapter begins! And to celebrate the transition, we are starting a new tradition with the inaugural KANSOUGEIKAI! A combination of a Kangeikai (welcome party) and a Soubetsukai (goodbye party), join your fellow alumni for an evening of casual conversation and fun community building as we kick-off the next 12 months with a bang!

-Doors open at 7:00PM CST and the event will last until about 9:00PM CST. Attendees are welcome to join for as long as they like at any point during that time period.

-BYOB (water or tea will do just fine!) for the official "KANPAI!" around 7:30PM CST.

-Event theme (optional) = Your Enkai Best! Enjoy dressing up for enkais? Have something you wish you could have worn? Well show us your enkai best as we celebrate together! Including but not limited to fashion, zoom backgrounds, accessories and more!

-Activities will include icebreakers, fun trivia and games spread throughout the night, with plenty of time for casual conversation as well!

Want to participate? RSVP via Guestlist!

This event is for JET alumni only (those who have completed at least one year and/or are current living/working in Japan as official participants of JET Program - includes MEF alumni). If you are living in quarantine and/or social distancing with your beloved FOJs (Friends/Family of JET) they are welcome to join to with you during the event.

Questions? Email info@jetaachicago.com.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! ありがとうございます!

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The tragedy that occurred in Atlanta, Georgia this week in which 8 lives were lost 6 of whom were women of Asian descent was the most recent example of a hate crime targeting Asian/Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Unfortunately, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, such crimes have become increasingly common throughout the US. We recognize that this anti-Asian violence and hate is historical and intersectional happening prior to the pandemic and not limited to race, but including multiple layers such as gender, sexual orientation, class and more.

We, the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Alumni Association (JETAA) of Chicago - Illinois, Wisconsin & Indiana, condemn racism and discrimination in all of its forms. As an organization with deep ties to Japan, we will continue to actively improve our operations to foster supportive spaces and a sense of belonging in our alumni community and with partner organizations. We will constantly re-evaluate our internal processes, systems and documentation, including our Community Conduct and Agreements, to look for ways to establish and maintain more equitable, welcoming and safe environments. We are planning to continue our J-Talk series, which this past year highlighted the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Japan & the US, the modern day impact of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese American experience in the Midwest and the intersectionality of the multiracial/multiethnic Japanese American/Nikkei community. We will also continue to support the US-Japan and broader Asian community to increase awareness and action to #StopAsianHate / #StopAAPIHate and support other marginalized communities.

The JET community is built on cultural understanding and exchange, regardless of background or identity. As much as we have partaken in and enjoyed what the Japanese, Japanese-American and greater Asian community have provided us, we must give back the same if not more. We believe this is one of our responsibilities as JET alumni.

Our email, info@jetaachicago.com, is open for conversation on how we can better support the members of the Asian/AAPI community together. We encourage everyone to take action by engaging across differences, self-educating and participating in conversations that not only challenge our assumptions and collective identities, but also assist in broadening understandings of how systemic oppression and acts of racism, sexism, discrimination, violence and hate impact communities as a whole.

In deep solidarity with the Asian/AAPI communities and in remembrance of the lives lost this week, we would like to share ways we can strengthen awareness and action together. Some organizations with resources include:

In Solidarity,

JETAA Chicago Leadership Board

Gabriel Coronado, President

Lara (Zara) Espinoza, Vice President

Tyler Blaz, Treasurer

Jocelyn Russell, Secretary

Cassie Conrad, Activities Coordinator

Alexis Palmer, Marketing Coordinator

Dylan Coffey, Outreach Coordinator

Sheila Burt, Philanthropy Coordinator

Constance Judd, Incoming Officer

PDF version of statement

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