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Did you know that Indiana is home to over 150 craft breweries statewide (according to the Brewers of Indiana Guild)? Hoosiers sure do have a taste for good beer! We would like to single out one of these breweries in particular because it is owned by the father of one of our JET alumni, Alexis Palmer (a fellow Hoosier). Primeval Brewing is a European-inspired craft brewery located in the historic downtown district of Noblesville, Indiana. In creating it, the two owners sought to brew classic, easy-drinking European beer styles that have often been overlooked in the heavily hopped, high-alcohol tendencies of American craft brewing.

It was established in November 2019 (it recently had its one year anniversary) and has constantly adapted to survive the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to small businesses.

Join us in supporting this small business and our Indiana subchapter by attending a virtual tour on Monday, January 18th at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST, from the comfort of your own home! Tim Palmer, one of the owners/brewers, will show us around the taproom and brewery while talking about the history behind the creation of the brewery. We will then be given an overview of their original beers currently on-tap. Finally, we have selected 6 beers (3 light and 3 dark) and a variety of otsumami (Japanese snacks that pair well with alcohol) ranging from salty to spicy to sweet in order to enjoy a beer and snack pairing demonstration. If you would like to join in the pairing at home, or if you just enjoy snacking and drinking, be sure to pick up some beers and Japanese snacks of your own! A complete pairing list will be sent to attendees who sign up via Guestlist later, but here is a sneak peek of a couple of the pairings for now:

German Lager with Wasabi Roasted Green Peas

English Porter with Yuki no Tane Rice Crackers

RSVP is required via Guestlist!

RSVP Here!

* You do not have to purchase or consume snacks and beer in order to participate in the event, but the pairing information will be provided in case you want to. :)

* This event is for JET alumni and FOJs (Friends/Family of JET)

Questions? Contact us at info@jetaachicago.com

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Updated: Jan 10

In 2020 the decision was made to move the JETAA Chicago officer elections to March in order to better suit the needs of our chapter, so now it is time to start discussing them!

Thinking About Being More Involved and Running for the Board?

As always, all positions are open and any member of community may run*. For details on each, please see the descriptions at the end of this post. And please, feel free to reach out to current board members as well. We can be reached at info@jetaachicago.com and all of our emails are on the JETAA Chicago website if you have any questions.

For those interested, here is a quick timeline for the next two months:

  • Complete this form to indicate your interest in running by Monday, January 25.

  • Submit your platform by Friday, January 29 (you will receive the submission link once you have completed the previous form).

  • Attend the open board meeting on Monday, February 1. This is when all candidates will be announced and given the opportunity to speak.

  • Attend the Open Board Meeting on Monday, March 1. Alumni will be given the opportunity to ask questions to the candidates prior to the election being held at the end of the meeting.

Prior to submitting your application, please review the Community Norms and Agreements as all officers are expected to embody them as leaders and work to cultivate a community built on equitable practices and respectful behavior that fosters belonging at all times.

All members of JETAA Chicago and its sub-chapters are eligible to vote in the elections. The vote will be held during the March Open Board Meeting and will be held completely virtually and monitored by a third party outside of our chapter. More details on how to participate in the voting process will be shared in February.

Position Descriptions


The President is responsible for the day to day leadership of the organization as a whole and making sure the board is working to fulfill the mission of JETAA Chicago. This includes ensuring transparency in operations, making sure paperwork is in order and filed on time, actively supporting all officers and facilitating the events of JETAA. It also includes personally liaising with members of the alumni community, Japan community in Chicago, MOFA, CLAIR, USJETAA, and JETAAUSA.

Vice President

The Vice President supports their fellow officers and the membership-at-large in fulfilling the mission of JETAA Chicago. This includes collaborating with the President to guide the board, leading meetings, attending events, and monitoring activities to ensure a smooth process for the organization as a whole. The Vice President is also required to ensure that the duties of the President, Treasurer and Secretary are fulfilled should there be a time when they are unable to do so; this includes, but is not limited to, all of the responsibilities outlined in the respective position descriptions.


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the chapter within the budget, tracking donations, receipts, event expenses and event attendance throughout the year. The Treasurer is also responsible for ensuring that the entire board has a strong understanding of the yearly budget process and timeline. In February the treasurer turns in proof of expenses and activities held the previous year that use GiA funds and in June they are responsible for proposing the chapter’s expenses for the upcoming year. Making sure both reports are done accurately and in a timely manner ensures that the chapter stays active and in turn can offer support to outgoing JETs and alumni.

Junior Treasurer

The Junior Treasurer is a one year position that eventually leads to the two-year treasurer position. The Junior Treasurer will shadow the treasurer and learn the role. They will also help with paperwork and any other tasks delineated by the treasurer.


The Secretary is the administrator and information manager for the organization. They manage and track files and data, and maintain historical records to ensure organizational sustainability.

The Secretary is also responsible for ensuring transparency in information sharing to maintain trust in the organization. This includes the monthly responsibility for taking minutes during meetings, making edits to them, and sending the finalized document to the board for approval before they make their way to the JET Program Coordinators at the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago for record keeping.

Activities Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the ongoing events and alumni engagement efforts of JETAA Chicago. This includes creating documentation for events, supporting and directly organizing events for JETAA Chicago, including social gatherings, clubs, quarterly dinners and more. The Activities Coordinator works to develop a wide range of activities through assisting fellow officers and other alumni with planning and partnerships with external organizations.

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator handles JETAA Chicago’s brand presence on and offline and focuses on organizational promotion. This includes digital promotional materials, social media posts, the monthly newsletter, website content and event collateral. Helping promote Japan-related content to the community and returning the favor for other organizations is key to maintaining visibility and strong communal ties.

Networking Coordinator

The Networking Coordinator works to connect JET alumni from all backgrounds with career and professional networking opportunities in the local, regional and national community. They are responsible for developing connections through partnerships with local businesses and Japan related organizations and coordinating events, such as the annual career development workshop, career counseling sessions and recent returnee oriented programming.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator works to actively engage every level of the alumni community of JETAA Chicago. They help support the community marketing and operations strategies with programs for a diverse alumni base, encourage and empower active/inactive alumni to get involved and serve as a connector to help build relationships that cultivate organizational growth and longevity. The Outreach Coordinator is also responsible for coordinating the Survival Series, the chapter’s initiative for engaging and training outgoing JETs, which usually consists of three to five events.

Philanthropy Coordinator

The Philanthropy Coordinator is responsible for fundraising efforts for JETAA Chicago and creating opportunities for the chapter to give back in meaningful ways to the Japan-America community. The Philanthropy Coordinator may solicit donations, apply for grants, research opportunities for supporting local partners, plan fundraisers and other philanthropic events, and ensure that all appropriate follow-up is completed.

*You must be a current member of JETAA Chicago (claiming residence in Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin) to run.

**To run for President, you must have spent at least one year on the board.

***The Treasurer position is a two-year term.

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Happy New Year to all of our fellow JET alumni and their loved ones! We wanted to express our gratitude for all of your support and perseverance this past year as we navigated the hurdle of COVID-19 together and the challenges it brought with it. We're always stronger when we JETogether!

We also wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of our community's accomplishments in 2020, as well as look forward to what we have planned for the new year!

In 2020, we took part in over 50 initiatives and virtual events! Some highlights include five new board members, defining and implementing our Community Conduct and Agreements, multiple trivia nights, engaging over 60+ JETs from 1987-2020 with 80s-themed cross-generational happy hour, cooking demos, origami craft nights, fun themed nomikais ranging from Star Wars to hats to Halloween, partnering on events with the Japanese American Service Committee, Japan America Society of Chicago (JASC), and Japanese Culture Center, and more - along with our webinars to support and highlight Black Lives Matter Kansai and the modern day significance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

That's a wrap on 2020, but the fun and engagement will continue in 2021!

Keep an eye out in the coming days and weeks for announcements on our plans for the next few months, including a virtual brewery tour with Primeval Brewing, located in Noblesville, Indiana; a continuation of our webinar series, thanks in part to USJETAA and Sasakawa USA; career development opportunities; our annual Shinnenkai, supporting the Japanese American Service Committee and the Japanese Culture Center; and more!

In the meantime, join us for our January Open Board Meeting, at which we will be discussing the upcoming March 2021 election, plans for future events and other opportunities in the virtual space! These meetings are a chance for non-board members to share ideas, get involved in JETAA Chicago activities, and make connections in the alumni community. Meetings are open to all members of JETAA Chicago.

RSVP is required via Guestlist: https://guestlist.co/events/671034


Monday, January 4, 2020 6:30 pm - 8 pm CST Online - In the Comfort of Your Own Home

We will be staying virtual for now, so take care and we can not wait to see everyone online soon!

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