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Congratulations, you are a JET! You are going to be living in Japan for a year or more! Are you already bursting with questions? Don't worry, it's completely normal. Many JETs have done what you are about to do, and we would like to make it easier for you.

As you prepare for your experience, please check out our Survival Guides, created with the knowledge and experience of your alumni predecessors. From what to wear to how to clean tatami, we've collected all the information you'll need to help get you set up in your new home. 


Connect with other Outgoing JETs and Alumni mentors by attending one of our signature events. Our Alumni Mentors will be more than happy to give you advice!

Our initiatives focus on providing support to help educate and prepare new JETs for a smooth and smart transition to their lives in Japan and on the JET Programme.


Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Alumni Association of Chicago
Connecting JET alumni in the Midwest - Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana
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