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The Japan America Society of Chicago is hosting a dynamic virtual event this month featuring Lauren Shannon, GM & Partner, Arigato Travel on Thursday, August 30th from 8-9 pm CST. This event will include a live stream tour off the beaten track, where guests can discover hidden spots and tasty treats that most tourists will never find.

About the Event

Every guidebook and checklist will tell you that the Asakusa area is a “Must See!” But we know you want to get off the beaten track and discover hidden spots and tasty treats that most tourists will never find. Lauren, your local host, will bring you on a live tour and show you around the streets of this historical area, introduce you to her favorite shops, and share the beauty from a local’s perspective.

About the Speaker

Lauren is GM and a partner in Arigato Travel. She has degrees in education and art and a background in multicultural businesses. She is a lover of food, wine, travel, design and LIFE! Lauren has worked in Tourism in Japan for the last 7 years. She’s been living in Japan for more than 25 years and she loves to share her passion for the country.

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The Japan America Society of Chicago is hosting a dynamic virtual event this month featuring Moe, a former geisha turned founder of Kimono Mom (a YouTube channel with over a million followers in 192 countries), on Thursday, August 25th from 6-7 pm CST.

About the Event

This event is an opportunity to learn about Moe’s passion for spreading Japanese home cooking worldwide. She will talk about how she became where she is today, how she promotes Japanese home cooking, how she has built a community with her fans and her goals for the future.

About the Speaker

Moe spent her teenage years as a Geisha in Gion, Kyoto. After that, she worked and gained experience in various professions. She started her YouTube channel called Kimono Mom in 2020, showcasing the unique intersections of her identity and interests – kimono and cooking. What first started as a way to overcome her postpartum depression by connecting with others online, she gained over a million followers from 192 countries within two years. She and her husband founded ForSmiles to introduce Japanese home cooking and culture to an international audience and provide an environment where people outside of Japan can easily access Japanese cooking tools, sauces, spices, etc.

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Join the Wisconsin Subchapter on Saturday, August 27th, 2022 at 3 pm to celebrate summer and welcome back the JET returnees. We will be getting together in a backyard in New Berlin, WI, for some grilling and reminiscing about all our experiences from Japan in the sweltering heat of summer! We will have food, activities for the kids and adults, including water activities, and we hope you can wear your yukata!!

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Questions? Contact our Wisconsin Subchapter Representative, Adrianna.

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