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U.S.-Japan Innovation Lab Online Event This Thursday

The U.S.-Japan Innovation Lab, a project by Teutizoku LLC, aims to advance commercial ties between Japan and the U.S. by connecting freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creators in both countries. They educate, innovate, and collaborate for a greater collective impact.

They will be having an online discussion this Thursday, May 26th, from 8-9 pm EST about Japanese management style. Please see the description, and if interested, sign up below!

Do you work for a Japanese company and have questions you could never ask your boss? Come ask our guest speaker, Mr. Toshiya Yamada, in this candid discussion about Japanese management style. The discussion will be in Japanese, so this may be of most interest to those with intermediate, advanced, and native-level Japanese. Mr. Yamada is General Manager of the President's Office at FC Standard Logistics Co., LTD. based in Tokyo. He is also author of the blog D2D and is starting a podcast on all things trade related.

Sign up here!

The U.S.-Japan Innovation Lab also runs a free Japanese reading club. They meet 1-2 times per month to discuss Japanese literature and other reading materials.

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