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Sneak Peek at our Shinnenkai Trivia Shodo Prize!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the prize pieces for a lucky trivia winner at our Shinnenkai this upcoming weekend! A one-of-a-kind shodo piece from Oda-sensei at the Japanese Culture Center - 日本文化会館. Don't miss your chance to win this beauty - sign up for the Shinnenkai now!

Anyone can attend, but you must sign-up for the “+Trivia” ticket in order to participate in the game itself.

A reminder that our Shinnenkai will take place over two days: Friday, February 4th from 6-7 pm CST and Saturday, February 5th from 7-9 pm CST.

To honor our continued connection to Japan, all donations and proceeds from the "Trivia+" tickets will go to support two of our local partners - the Japan America Society of Chicago(JASC) and the Japanese Culture Center(JCC)!

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