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Nihongo Dake Dinner


Konnichiwa everyone! We are happy to be bringing back the "Nihongo dake," aka "Japanese only," event for our alumni members. As the title suggests, only Japanese will be spoken, so we can sharpen our skills. For many of us, being back in America means back to speaking and hearing English 24/7, which makes it easy to forget all of the Japanese we learned while on JET. In order to keep those hard-earned Japanese skills from going to waste, we created this event as an opportunity to not only practice your Japanese, but to make new connections and find new speaking partners and study buddies!

This event will be a dinner at the Japanese restaurant, Cocoro. The price of the ticket covers the cost of the food and extra event costs. We appreciate your understanding.

Please purchase a meal ticket in advance here:


We will have a Japanese sensei join us for dinner to help keep the conversation flowing. Our sensei has chosen a theme for this dinner, which will be「日本での経験」or "Your experience in Japan." Please come prepared to speak about your time in Japan! All levels are welcome. As long as you make an effort to speak Japanese, we are happy to have you!


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