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Journey to Tohoku: Akita with the Japan America Society of Chicago

JETAA Chicago is excited to support this event by the Japan America Society of Chicago - Journey to Tohoku: Akita.

About the Event

When you hear the name Akita, you might only think of the wonderful dogs, but Akita has a lot more to offer! Learn about the history, bountiful nature, and abundant traditional culture of Akita. There are many great festivals, foods, traditional crafts, and more! Akita’s location in Tohoku also grants it the blessing of four beautiful seasons, each with their own unique charms. Furthermore, although some of Akita’s most famous products may be what you expect from a rural prefecture, some of its production and industry may surprise you! Join us to learn all about the beauty of Akita.

About the Speaker

Hi! My name is Alex Hennen, and I’m a Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) on the JET Programme, working for the Akita Prefectural International Affairs Division. I’m originally from a small town in Minnesota, and graduated with a four year degree in linguistics from St. Cloud State University in the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota. St. Cloud, where I lived before coming to Japan, is a sister city to Akita City, where I live now! I also studied Japanese while studying abroad for one year in Saitama Prefecture. My hobbies include reading and gaming, and I also love karaoke and hot springs. I’m looking forward to introducing Akita’s charms to everyone

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