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Highlighting our Indiana Subchapter: Virtual Primeval Brewery Tour!

Did you know that Indiana is home to over 150 craft breweries statewide (according to the Brewers of Indiana Guild)? Hoosiers sure do have a taste for good beer! We would like to single out one of these breweries in particular because it is owned by the father of one of our JET alumni, Alexis Palmer (a fellow Hoosier). Primeval Brewing is a European-inspired craft brewery located in the historic downtown district of Noblesville, Indiana. In creating it, the two owners sought to brew classic, easy-drinking European beer styles that have often been overlooked in the heavily hopped, high-alcohol tendencies of American craft brewing.

It was established in November 2019 (it recently had its one year anniversary) and has constantly adapted to survive the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to small businesses.

Join us in supporting this small business and our Indiana subchapter by attending a virtual tour on Monday, January 18th at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST, from the comfort of your own home! Tim Palmer, one of the owners/brewers, will show us around the taproom and brewery while talking about the history behind the creation of the brewery. We will then be given an overview of their original beers currently on-tap. Finally, we have selected 6 beers (3 light and 3 dark) and a variety of otsumami (Japanese snacks that pair well with alcohol) ranging from salty to spicy to sweet in order to enjoy a beer and snack pairing demonstration. If you would like to join in the pairing at home, or if you just enjoy snacking and drinking, be sure to pick up some beers and Japanese snacks of your own! A complete pairing list will be sent to attendees who sign up via Guestlist later, but here is a sneak peek of a couple of the pairings for now:

German Lager with Wasabi Roasted Green Peas

English Porter with Yuki no Tane Rice Crackers

RSVP is required via Guestlist!

* You do not have to purchase or consume snacks and beer in order to participate in the event, but the pairing information will be provided in case you want to. :)

* This event is for JET alumni and FOJs (Friends/Family of JET)

Questions? Contact us at

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