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Halloween Extravaganza!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

JETAA Chicago will be hosting a variety of events to help keep your Halloween souls in high spirits! Whether you’re looking for something for the kids, yourself, or both, we’ve got you covered. Come spend an evening with us enjoying all sorts of Halloween festivities.

This event is split into two main parts. You are free to attend one or both as you wish, just be sure to select the appropriate tickets when you sign up via Guestlist.

Family Fun!

Our kid-friendly event will kick off at 4:45pm CST. As participants enter the room, JETlings can show off their Halloween costumes or just say hello! We'll have a few icebreaker activities Mom and Dad can help with to keep kids engaged. At 5:00, we'll conduct a Halloween origami workshop. Parents and JETlings alike will learn to make a cute pumpkin craft!

All you’ll need for the kids' event is origami paper. But don’t worry if you don’t have any; you can make origami paper from recycled paper easily! How to guide.

At 5:30 we'll take a break so Moms and Dads can get their littles settled for the evening.

Adult Happy Hour

At 6:00 we'll open the room once more for our adults-only happy hour! Feel free to dress up in your own costume, grab a festive beverage, and prepare some spooky snacks. After introductions and a group kanpai, we'll celebrate with ghoulish games and terrifying trivia!

Special Guest!

To cap off an evening of fun, Justin Torres, expert pumpkin carver and fellow Chicago JET Alumni, will show us a special carving and answer your questions about how to carve that perfect Halloween pumpkin!

Justin is streaming his pumpkin carving projects every night of October! Check him out on his Twitch account!

Full Event Agenda:

4:45 - Family Fun Check-in and Costume Parade

5:00 - Origami Workshop

5:30 - Break

6:00 - Happy Hour Check-in and Icebreakers

6:15 - Introductions

6:30 - Kanpai!

6:40 - Fun and Games!

7:45 - Special Guest Presentation

8:00 - Event closes

* These events are for JET alumni and their families. Priority will be given to JETAA Chicago members before members of other chapters. If an alumni is social distancing with a Friend of JET (FOJ), they are welcome to join on their screen with them.

Questions? Contact us at

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