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Get to Know Our Officers - Featuring Our Activities Coordinator, Samantha Sodetz!

We would like to welcome Samantha Sodetz to the 2023-2024 JETAA Chicago Board as our Activities Coordinator! Take a look below at Sam's officer profile to learn about her motivations, values and goals.

Our Activities Coordinator, Samantha Sodetz (she/her), was a CIR in Kagoshima from 2018-2019.

Tell us more about your JET experience.

Samantha worked as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) in southern Kagoshima, where she coordinated high school exchange programs, taught English, planned cultural events, and translated/interpreted Japanese to English as needed. When Samantha wasn’t in the office, she enjoyed the onsen of Kyushu, mountain climbing, forest hiking, and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

When did you join/how long have you been on the JETAA Board? What positions have you held?

Activities Coordinator, 2023 —

What inspired you to step up as a leader and join the JETAA Chicago Board?

Want to continue contributing to US/Japan grassroots understanding and bring members of this community together.

Describe your officer duties and what you are looking forward to in regard to your responsibilities.

New to the role, excited to start!

What could be a healthy and/or needed culture add to JETAA Chicago?

I think the survival series is one of the most successful programs I’ve seen from this group, so more enrichment of this program (and similar programs) would be great.

What is one goal you would like to accomplish as an officer of JETAA Chicago, or something that you are looking forward to being a part of?

Just starting!

For you, what sparks joy?

- Green forests

- The ocean

- Caffeine

- Florals

- Art

What is your favorite Japanese "thing" near where you live now (and/or in the Midwest)?

I enjoy Japanese city pop on vinyl, which is occasionally hosted live in local venues by a local DJ.

Connect with Sam via LinkedIn; Instagram; or email!

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