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Fold ‘N Sip Origami Night!

Are you an origami master?? Or perhaps you’re a complete novice, but always wanted to learn? Many a JET has experienced origami at some point during their tenure. Origami has become a way for Cassie (JETAA Chicago’s Activities Coordinator) to look back fondly on her time as an ALT.

My first year on JET, I made Christmas origami as cards for my coworkers. I had learned origami from my sister’s Japanese friend as a child, so it was nothing special to me. But it became so much more.

My teachers’ surprise that I knew how to do origami, and their delight at seeing the nontraditional shapes made them look forward to it each holiday. For the culture festival one year, I was asked to help make an origami display. When the students learned that I could do origami, they would often come to the office in their free time to learn. Holiday origami became a part of special holiday lessons and events, as well.

Origami was just a thing I knew how to do; such an old skill that it barely registered as something unique to Japan. Who knew that such a small thing could create so many different connections?

Our time on JET may be over, but we can still use these skills as a way to connect with our old lives. It is a simple way to connect to Japanese culture without requiring a lot of time and resources.

So join us on July 31st! Gather some paper, bring a drink, and co

Event Agenda:

7:00 - Introductions

7:15 - Kanpai

7:20 - Jumping frog

7:35 - Ninja star

7:50 - Crane

8:10 - Crane Race!

8:20 - Show and Tell

* This event is for JET alumni-only. If an alumni is social distancing with a Friend/Family of JET (FOJ), they are welcome to join on their screen with them.

Questions? Contact us at

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