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Digital Marketing Manager at KCommunications, LLC

Seeking a Full-Time Digital Marketing Manager

Chicago-based boutique PR agency KCommunications, LLC is looking for a full-time digital marketing manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Manage social media posting/scheduling and content (Must be proficient in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.)

2. Create social media content (from graphics, photography, and videography)

3. Data analysis and reporting on multiple social media platforms

4. Copywriting (press releases, blogs, newsletter, and other communications materials)

5. Managing/updating websites

6. Public relations for multiple clients

7. Event planning and management

8. Supervise and manage multiple interns every school semester

Basic Qualifications:

The candidate must have a wide skill base in the area of communications and digital marketing.

1. Strong writing and communication skills

2. Strong multitasker

3. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

4. Highly organized

5. Ability to work independently and shift task priorities

6. Willing to learn new skills on the job

7. Photo and video skills from shooting and editing.


1. Graduated with a major relating to Digital Media, Communications, Journalism, AD/PR or International Studies.

2. It’s preferred that a candidate lives in the Chicago area.

3. At least, a few years of experience managing social media accounts including videos.

4. Passion and knowledge about food is a plus.

5. Knowledge of Japanese language/culture is a plus.

Some of the programs that candidates should know:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro or similar program

2. Wix (Website Developer)

3. WordPress blogs

4. Photo editing software

5. Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator (or similar programs) & Canva


Competitive salary; Paid vacation time; Performance bonus

How To Apply:

Please email with your resume, cover letter, and writing sample. If you have a portfolio you can include it as well.

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