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Appreciation vs Appropriation: A nuanced discussion on cultural ownership from Twin Cities JACL

The following event has been shared with us. See details below!

We're excited to kick off our first discussion of the series on Saturday, August 12th at 7pm US Central Time (8pm Eastern, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific) with Yuki Kokubo 小久保由紀 (she/her)!

Yuki is the creator behind Made by Yuki, a clothing line that utilizes Kimonos and other vintage Japanese textiles. By focusing on the history and craftsmanship of traditional textiles, Yuki creates opportunities for everyone to appreciate Japanese culture without overstepping the boundaries of appropriation.

Find out more about her work at or by following on Instagram. You can register for Yuki’s discussion and the others in our series using the button below. Questions for Yuki can be emailed to up to one werk prior to the event.

“Appreciation vs Appropriation: A nuanced discussion on cultural ownership” is an exciting collaboration between the @twincitiesjacl Social Justice Committee and Funding is provided by Karen and Les Suzukamo and graphic design by @kuniko.creates.

Appreciation vs Appropriation is a continuous conversation on cultural ownership that attempts to explore this complex topic in a nuanced way. This conversation will be structured as a series of one-on-one interviews with artists, subject matter experts, and community members speaking from their own perspectives rather than attempting to speak for entire communities or cultures.

We do not expect all messaging to be consistent, nor do we expect a consensus to be reached on where the line falls between appropriation and appreciation. Rather, we hope to spark further conversations on the topic. All conversations will be streamed live, and recordings will be made available when interviewees grant their permission for us to do so.

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