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'22 Survival Series: Health & Wellness + COVID & Culture Shock

Join us on Friday, July 15th from 7-8:30 PM, CST, for the third event of JETAA Chicago's '22 Survival Series, Health & Wellness + COVID & Culture Shock Panel, for outgoing '22 JETs ! This event will be focused on giving outgoing JETs the chance to discuss how to navigate areas of health and wellness, as well as COVID and culture shock, while in Japan. The panel will be led by JET Alumni who have navigated such areas and are also open to answering questions.

Sign up here!

Also, JETAA Chicago is in need of JET alumni mentors to help educate and onboard the next generation of outgoing JETs! Interested? Fill out the Alumni Mentor In-take Form!

*Note: All alumni who register must fill out the 2022 Alumni In-take Form.

Being located in the Chicagoland area is not required to be a mentor. Any of our alumni in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana are welcome and wanted!

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