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We at JETAA Chicago would like to be some of the first to welcome you back to your home. Whether that be Chicago, Chicagoland area, Wisconsin or Indiana, you are now a member of JETAA Chicago. We have subchapters in Wisconsin (Facebook: JETAA WI Subchapter) and Indiana (Facebook: JETAA Chicago Hoosier Subchapter), so you can be sure that there are alumni wherever you are!

We have a number of events lined up for you this fall. We will be posting them here on our brand new website (courtesy of our Marketing Coordinator - Patrick Finn (Toyama, 2011-2016)), as well as on our social media channels and in our monthly newsletter. Please don't hesitate to reach out to info@jetaachicago.com with any questions.

2018 Fall Events

Returnees Picnic

Saturday, September 15, 2018 1:00 PM - 3:00PM at Millennium Park (exact location TBA)

We will provide food and fun! We hope to see you there.

'Sento Club' trip to King Spa

October, 2018 (exact date TBD)

The Korean spa in Niles, IL is a bathhouse with multiple relaxation rooms and delicious food.

Career Development Workshop

Saturday, November 17, 2018 2:00PM - 5:00PM (location TBA)

Our annual career forum where we introduce you to job opportunities and the JETs who work at companies or go to graduate school here.

**There will be a Consulate returnees dinner hosted by the Consul General in the fall. Please look for an email from Austin or Maki**

Annual JETAA Chicago Bowlnenkai

Monday, December 3, 2018 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

You may have heard of a 'Bonnenkai', but have you bowled away the past year? Join us for a fun evening of bowling to end the year

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Konnichiwa everyone! We are happy to be bringing back the "Nihongo dake," aka "Japanese only," event for our alumni members. As the title suggests, only Japanese will be spoken, so we can sharpen our skills. For many of us, being back in America means back to speaking and hearing English 24/7, which makes it easy to forget all of the Japanese we learned while on JET. In order to keep those hard-earned Japanese skills from going to waste, we created this event as an opportunity to not only practice your Japanese, but to make new connections and find new speaking partners and study buddies!

This event will be a dinner at the Japanese restaurant, Cocoro. The price of the ticket covers the cost of the food and extra event costs. We appreciate your understanding.

Please purchase a meal ticket in advance here: https://guestli.st/578064


We will have a Japanese sensei join us for dinner to help keep the conversation flowing. Our sensei has chosen a theme for this dinner, which will be「日本での経験」or "Your experience in Japan." Please come prepared to speak about your time in Japan! All levels are welcome. As long as you make an effort to speak Japanese, we are happy to have you!


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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Interested in being an officer in 2018 for JETAA Chicago ? Fantastic! All positions (except Treasurer) are open. You can find a brief description of what officer is responsible for below.

When you're ready, please submit your platform through this Google form. Platforms are due by September 1, 2018 - 9:00 am CDT.

That's it! Pretty simple, right? Any questions can be directed to info@jetaachicago.com.

Officer Descriptions


The President is responsible for the organization as a whole and making sure the board is working to fulfill the mission of JETAA Chicago. This includes making sure paperwork is in order, managing the board, and supporting the events of JETAA. It also includes liaising with members of JETAA and the Japan community in Chicago. The President also communicates regularly with MOFA, CLAIR, USJETAA and JETAAUSA.

Vice President

The Vice President supports his or her fellow officers and the membership-at-large in fulfilling the mission of JETAA Chicago. This includes leading meetings, attending events, and monitoring activities to ensure a smooth process for the organization as a whole. The Vice President is also required to fulfill the duties of the President, Treasurer and Secretary should there be a time when they are unable to do so; this includes, but is not limited to, all of the responsibilities outlined in the respective position descriptions.


The treasurer is responsible for keeping the chapter within the budget, track donations, event expenses and event attendance throughout the year. In February the treasurer turns in proof of expenses and activities held the previous year that use GiA funds and in June they are responsible for proposing the chapter’s expenses for the upcoming year. Making sure both reports are done accurately and in a timely manner ensures that the chapter stays active and in turn can offer support to outgoing JETs and alumni.

Junior Treasurer

The Junior Treasurer is a one year position that eventually leads to the two-year treasurer position. The Junior Treasurer will shadow the treasurer and learn the role. They will also help with paperwork and any other tasks delineated by the treasurer.


The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes during board meetings and monthly member meetings. The Secretary also edits the minutes, sends them to the board for approval and to the JET Program Coordinators at the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago for record keeping.

Activities Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator is responsible for planning events for JETAA members ranging from sports clubs to quarterly dinners. The Activities Coordinator works to ensure that there are a wide range of activities with outside organizations, as well as within JETAA Chicago. Quarterly ‘Nihongo Dake’ dinners are planned by the Activities Coordinator.

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator handles JETAA Chicago’s presence on and offline. This includes social media posts, the monthly newsletter, website content, and event collateral. Helping promote Japan-related content to the community and returning the favor for others is key to maintaining visibility and strong communal ties.

Networking Coordinator

The Networking Coordinator works to connect alumni with each other and with opportunities in the area. Promoting networking both within the group and with outside groups by creating events such as “meishi exchanges” and collaborating with Japanese organizations in the area.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator works to actively engage the people of JETAA. They help support the community marketing and operations strategies with programs for a diverse alumni base. Encourage and empower active/inactive alumni to get involved and serve as a connector to help build relationships that cultivate organizational growth and longevity. Responsible for coordinating the Outgoing JET initiatives, the Survival Series (3-5 events).

Philanthropy Coordinator

The Philanthropy Coordinator is responsible for fundraising efforts for JETAA Chicago. This includes soliciting donations, planning fundraisers, and working with the treasurer to ensure JETAA Chicago sends thank you letters and maintains relationships with donors. The Philanthropy Coordinator would also work with other board members to ensure that the annual Shinnenkai is a successful fundraiser.

*To run for President, you must have spent at least one year on the board.

**The Treasurer position is a two-year term.

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