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Atsuma Quake and Landslide Relief

Set up by a JET currently placed in Hokkaido, this gofundme is aiding in the relief of the earthquake that occurred there recently.

Read about it below and donate here.

The Town of Atsuma is a small town located on the northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido. The majority of people who live there are young families and retirees. It’s a beautiful, welcoming and kind place, one that I’ve had the pleasure of calling my home for the past year. 

Unfortunately, on September 6th, at around 3 am, disaster struck. A 6.7 magnitude earthquake. The highest level on the Japanese meteorological scale is a 7. It left the town, broken and caused many landslides in the area. Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed and families have been separated.

In in the midst of chaos, I’ve witnessed a community come together in ways I never imagined possible. In everyone’s worst nightmare, people are pulling together, keeping their spirits high, loving and supporting one another. 

Once the dust settles, things start to sink in and the clean up begins, Atsuma is going to need our support more than ever. 

The money from this will be going towards relief for the town. Whether it’s helping to rebuild homes, fixing the land in the parks and roads or replacing the many school supplies that have been destroyed, I will be working with the town to see where it most needed. 

Please donate what you can. A little goes a long way! Let’s show this quaint town that it’s loved and supported across the globe.

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